A question of balance...

            If balance is something we seek, how do we seek it?

            Can it be owned or only attenuated?

            If every day is a gift, and its gift is the stability for all the gifts to come, how does that change the day? The moment? The focus?

            At the beginning, there is enormous focus and concentration and strength. Is this how life needs to be lived? A question of delicacy and adoration? A matter of the finest touch instead of a struggle?

            Can you reach balance without mercy? Without understanding that what tremulous gifts we are given must be seen and felt in proportion.

            Watch the video. What are your questions? What is this teaching you.

            For me, love and water and food and movement and shamanism and Star Gazer and Lily and Ariel and Don and my dead father and aging-into-deepest dementia mother and rain and cedars and 61 years, 2265 days,  534,360 minutes, all beloveds, insomnia, aging, mountains and bears and dolphin and elephants and sea and stars and the Earth and Sky all balance into this one moment.

            A star burns in the sky above our heads every day. Oceans evaporate and rain returns. Rocks to earth, earth to trees, to Bleeding Hears and spring cherry blossoms. In a process of kind expansion, of grace under pressure.

            The moment is the choice. The beginning. To sing it into place, to drum it right, to then release into a clatter. Meaning ascribed and formed turns formless again. The spaces in between are what hold it all together. Only love can bind such a temporary masterpiece as our lives.

Please note: This wouldn't load here, but go to facebook to see this remarkable video. Take the time.