I Am Sleeping by Don Hazletine

I Am Sleeping by Don Hazletine

How would the answers to your most important questions change your life?

Shamanic divination can give you answers to all the questions that you have in your life.

The definition that comes closest to describing shamanic divination is: the art and practice that seeks to discover hidden knowledge by the interpretation of omniscient information given by the nonordinary, all-knowing compassionate helping spirits. 

But this sounds pretty formal and academic. So what does it mean ?

In my core shamanic practice, it means this: When you are wrestling with any life issue, and you want cogent, practical and/or transcendent answers to seminal questions, you can ask the compassionate helping spirits for their astonishing, omniscient counsel.

This counsel can change your life, and can illuminate issues that you have been wrestling with for a week or a lifetime. There is a real art and skill to forming great shamanic divination questions, and that is part of my service when we are working with your most pressing questions.  

Imagine you are standing at the rim of the Grand Canyon with a camera. Down at your feet is a desert flower, and there is a speck of dew hovering on a pink petal. With the right lens, you can take a close-up of that petal that will capture the beauty of its soft color, shape and spirit.

With a different lens, you can take a picture of the Canyon entire that speaks to its infinite spirit and its magnificence, its mystery.

Intention is paramount.

When I work with you on a divination question, I understand how to choose the right lens so we can focus on what you really need to know. ANYTHING in your life that is important to you can be the subject of a divination question.

The helping spirits can answer questions in a myriad of ways. Sometimes, they offer very straight-forward advice, and sometimes they reply with metaphorical answers that require deep contemplation. I have seen such contemplation result in changes that have led clients to astonishing new lives.

Let's say you're getting ready for a big business trip or vacation in a month, and you've been hit with a cold, then the flu, and a nagging cough that just won't quit. You are exasperated because you really want to do whatever is necessary to get healthy before you go, but you've tried all the remedies you can think of from more sleep to any and all alternative and allopathic medicines. 

We could liken this to taking that picture of the pink flower petal. The focus here needs to be tight and specific. A question like: "What are the three things I need to do in my daily life everyday before my business trip to New York to be in strong physical health while I am there?" might be an extremely useful and practical question.

This is a very different version of this question: "How can I create impeccable holistic health?" This question has the widest possible angle.

The compassionate spirits may advise you about your spiritual health, your emotional health, your psychological health as well as your physical health. They may give you shamanic prescriptions that will help you become healthier. They may have transcendent information to share with you. They may give you information on a particular kind of shamanic work you need to be healthy. They may perform a healing.

In short, the focus here is SO wide, metaphor and practical information may be intertwined, and other shamanic practices may be done as a part of the answer to the question.

I have worked with people who are ill that wants answers. People who are unsure of where to move. People who need to know how their animals are feeling. People who are struggling with enormous transition. Recently, I worked with a woman who had to choose a producer for a movie she is making in Hollywood.  I have done at least a thousand shamanic divinations in the past 16 years.

The Details

Divination can be done, and is easiest done, via a long-distance session. No matter where you live, I can serve you.

Once you book an appointment, we’ll schedule a time to talk so we can define and shape your question. Then, I will do the shamanic work in my studio, and make an audio tape of the answers to your questions as given to me by my compassionate helping spirits. I'll e-mail that recording to you. After listening to it, we can chat via e-mail or on the phone if you need extra clarification. In all, the whole process will usually take me over two hours; you and I will work together for about 1 hour.

There are some simple rules to be aware of before you book a divination session.

First, you can only ask questions about yourself, and not about someone else.  If you haven't yet read the Ethics,  page, please do. Go here to schedule an appointment. 

I am expert in helping you frame complex questions, but intention is the backbone of all good shamanic work. That means that if the focus is too big (i.e. there are too many questions folded into one), you will not get meaningful answers, but a confusing mish-mash of information. There is a methodology that I follow to help you create the right question, and that is a big part of the way I serve.

Please understand you do NOT have to have the question perfectly phrased before we begin our work. Once the appointment is set, we'll work together to be sure that you are asking the question you really want to ask.

You can contact me at lorajansson@gmail.comif you have questions, and if you are ready to begin the process.