Beam me up, Scottie.



After 24 years, I now work long distance. If you live near my office, we can arrange a session in my studio if you prefer.

Why? Because shamanism works perfectly long distance. So no matter where you live? I'd be honored to work with you.

Let's talk about how I can serve you to live in tandem with your heart's longings. Or how you can improve your health. Or how you can move forward if you are truly stuck.

Write me at If you would like to chat for a few minutes before you book, e-mail me with your phone number. I want to be sure this is right for you before you invest you resources into becoming whole. It's so easy to e-mail me with answers to your questions. 

Chatting with you before you book an appointment will allow time for some assessment. I am NOT assessing you. You'll be assessing me. As you share your reasons for wanting shamanic work, you'll get a very good idea of who I am and how I serve. 

I cannot wait to meet you!

And if you want to know a bit more before you write? I suggest you start here, and then read a few more things on the site. I think you'll know if I feel like the right person for you. 

With love, Lora