'Twas the night before Solstice...

My annual bow to Solstice. 

Ganipiogos Studios

Ganipiogos Studios

‘Twas the night before Solstice,

and all over the Earth,

the Spirits were gathering

with intent and great mirth.


The planet was spinning

in its shimmering way

and the Spirits saw Beauty

leading the way.


Of course, they saw problems,

pollution and strife,

but they also saw beings

living their life.


They noticed the humans,

who made a great mess,

stuffing their pockets

with others’ distress.


Their hearts were all wrong

as they tried to own more

and all of their actions

made everyone sore.


The bears and the rocks,

the streams and the snakes,

all were affected.

by those on the take.


But the Spirits knew all,

and they saw a great light

shining from hearts

that were ready to fight.


They carried no weapons –

they had blankets and drums

and they used them to go

to the heart of the Hum.


The Hum was a place

where all lived as one,

all creatures in union

like rays of the sun.


And the Spirits could see

as the people could not

that love was the thing

that would untie the big knot.


And with every journey

all beings were lifted;

even the hearts

that looked very twisted.


It’s a matter, we know,

of being quite tough,

especially when others

are succumbing to Guff.


Guff is the stuff

that mucks it all up,

but it can all be shed

like fleas from a pup.


So if we all love,

and let love lead the way,

union will become

the only best way.


And the Spirits all sang

as they rose out of sight,

Live From Your Hearts

and to all a good night.



 © Lora Jansson, 12/23/10