Your Wings

Birds always, whether sparrow brown or of such rich color and plumage, remind me, by their presence and by observing them, that life is lived from the nest. 

You wake each and every morning of your life not knowing what that day will hold. You have your plans for life, and she has her plans for you. Always, the question is which way will I fly?

Birds have taught me something so elemental and so important. They wake and warble. Do you know why birds sing? To locate each other in their community. They begin by knowing where they fit in, and where their brethren are. 

And then they see something to eat from their nest, and swoop to the ground to fetch it.

It's only from THAT perspective that they can see where the next worm or berry is. It's only from that new place that they can know where to next fly. They follow the crumbs to stay alive. 

When I follow my crumbs, new perspective is always the consequence. Birds would die if the didn't follow theirs, and I can wither if I don't follow mine.

Sometimes, the crumbs are scattered from a generous hand, and there are so many you can hop from seed to seed with very little effort. At others, there is the long hunt for the next crumb.

There are many ways to leave the nest. Physical and emotional, mental and spiritual. The intention and then the follow-through to pursue, the heart of desire is what makes our wings open.

Today, I am quite tired after writing so much and with such concretion that while I had given myself a deadline, I know that this new nest I am building, a website revamp, will have to just settle in a little bit today; time to back away and take a breather from construction. 

So today, my crumbs are a walk with my Lily after a mostly sleepless night, rereading the work I have done over the past days, and then having a most important talk a friend today. Small hops. 

These days come when you have tapped the well, and it's time to replenish. And I have recently been reminded by the spirits that Solstice is NOT only the return to the light, but the beginning of winter, a time to rest, replenish and restore. Trees, great friends to birds, know the wisdom of dropping leaves so the roots can replenish. 

While it might seem contradictory to mention the pursuit of our dreams, our work, our crumbs, AND that winter is the time of rest and replenishment so spring can arrive and bloom, it isn't. The nest lives in the barren branches in winter, and birds are efficient to make sure they do not expend more energy then they really have.

Today I may hop less than the past several days, and make sure the nest, my home, is soft enough to rest a bit more than I have been. And that is fine just so long as I make a few swoops to find what is essential for today. 

Did you soar wide and far or stay close to the feathery resting place? No matter which you chose, did you find a new perspective during this singular day?