How to schedule an appointment...

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I have been a shamanic practitioner for 25 years, and have worked with thousands of clients in that time.

Shamanic work is different from standard western complimentary work. I allow a minim of two hours for a session. 

The typical appointment has three parts.

In the first, you are telling me why you want to receive shamanic work. We will send time talking before you book an appointment -- either on the phone or in person. I want to feel certain I can serve you before you invest you time and your money.

During the second part of the appointment, I am doing the shamanic work for you in partnership with the compassionate, all-knowing helping spirits. If you have booked in-person work, done in my studio with me, you will relax comfortably, focusing on what you need from the work, while I am shamanizing. 

If I am working for you long distance, I will be doing the work within a week after our conversation. Why so long? Sometimes, your particular issue will take more than one shamanic journey, and I need to be sure there is enough time to do more than one session with the spirits before we speak again. We will schedule a time of me to call back and speak with you to discuss the results of the work.

In order to book an appointment, please fill out the form below or write me at If you live outside the USA, as many clients do, no worries. I work with clients from many countries.

Sessions cost $200 US. Please understand that I am often booked out weeks/months in advance. I do not overbook, and once you are a client, continuing work, if necessary, will take priority over new clients.

To book now or ask questions about a session, fill out the form below. When I receive the form, I will contact you to discuss your questions as well as a good time and date for your appointment. Typically, these phone conversations take 15 minutes up to 45. I am happy to offer this time so we can chat about your needs prior to the first appointment.

When you have booked your session, you can return to this page (why not BOOKMARK it now) to pay through PayPal. Easy, quick and safe. See the button below.



Once we have talked by phone, you can pay for the appointment here through PayPal. There is a 48 hour cancellation rule except in cases of sudden illness or emergency. 

A "no show" results in being billed for the full amount. I work on the honor system. I trust that you will abide by these policies once you have booked your appointment. 


Shamanic appointment $200