Ethics and Guidelines...


  • I do not work for anyone without their informed consent. Please do not request shamanic work for another being UNLESS they are too young to speak, are a different species than human, or they are in a coma. Inquire if you need clarification.
  • I work in the name of love and compassion for the greatest good of all.
  • Everything has a spirit. Everything can benefit from receiving shamanic work. Your business, your home, the land on which you live, etc. 
  • I do not work with prophesy.
  • I (and/or the shamanic helping spirits) will sometimes suggest timelines for the work, but YOU are in control of how fast the work commences.


  • Because I see only a limited number of clients a week, time is often booked well in advance. If you must cancel an appointment, I require 48-hour notice except in cases of illness or emergency. Last minute cancellations -- except for emergency or sudden illness -- require payment in full. 
  • To make an appointment, please contact me.
  •  For a good shamanic overview before we speak, you can read A Practical Guide to Shamanism.
  • The average appointment time is 2 hours.
  • Please do not consume any alcohol, recreational drugs or visionary plants for 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Appointments start promptly at the scheduled time.