Moon Bear by Don Hazeltine

Moon Bear by Don Hazeltine

Feel Better. Feel Whole.


A lot of people who are not yet familiar with shamanism ask me why they would want to work with a shamanic practitioner.  

And I always pause when I am asked because no one answer can really cover it.

So let's start here.

The primary reason why you would choose to call me? As a prospective client, you might be ill with something chronic illness, a new diagnosis, or have experienced some kind of trauma. But people also work with me because they feel "stuck," or have problems they have been working with for a long time that they cannot seem to solve. 

Another reason why people call me is because they really need help in answering questions about an experience they have had.  Shamanic divination can be life-changing.

If there is a spiritual root cause for your sickness, which there often is, shamanic work seeks to cure that sickness as well as alleviate the suffering caused by the illness. Often, by addressing the root cause, a myriad of physical discomforts can be eliminated or improved.

If you are new to shamanism, I invite you to read my  article -- A Practical Guide to ShamanismThis article is used by shamanic practitioners around the wold as an introduction to their prospective clients and students.

If you look at illness as power loss AND if you look at illness as a spiritual entity, you look for its teachings to both regain your power and transform your imbalance. Illness is not static. No matter how much you think your illness has stopped you in your tracks, you are in an evolving relationship with it. I say this as someone who had an incurable illness for eleven years, and as a shamanic practitioner who has seen illness cured (and witnessed the beginning of a return to wellness)  in thousands of clients and students over the past decades.

Shamanism works as well long distance as in person. In fact, both my clients and I really prefer working that way. There are distinct advantages to you if we work long distance for several reasons. I'll be happy to explain how it all works if you contact me.

Also, I welcome chats before appointments to listen to some of the challenges you are facing. I want determine if my work might be beneficial. I greatly value my clients resources -- both time and financial. In truth, I love my clients, and consider them beloveds.