What is shamanism?

Shamanism is the world's olderst spiritual healing practice, and dates back at least 100,000 years.

Are all shamans native americans?

No. While all native american tribes are shamanic, not all shamanic tribes are native american. My shamanic ancestors are the Sami in Northern Europe. The word "shaman" is Russian.

Is shamanism a religion?

No. Shamanism is a spiritual practice that is used on every habituated continent on Earth. It is not uncommon for shamans from indigenous cultures to practice both a religion and shamanism.

What drugs or visionary plants do I have to take to work shamanically? 

None. In fact, only 10% of indigenous shamanic peoples use visionary plants like ayhuasca or peyote to alter their consciousness to do shamanic work. In the my core shamanic classes, you learn the ways that most shamanic peoples throughout the world use to do their work.

Who can benefit from shamanism?

Anyone. You can work with a shamanic practitioner to receive healing work or take a class to use shamanism as a personal spiritual practice. And YES! If you have a sick companion animal, shamanism CAN help enormously. Sometimes, I never know when, cures can happen. Write me.

How can I find a good shamanic practitioner?

Please read my article A Practical Guide to Shamanism on this site. It is a primer designed to introduce shamanism to prospective clients and students. Whether you work with me or another practitioner or teacher, the information will help you ask the right questions. I DO more than 50% of my work with clients long-distance now. It works!

My dog is sick. Can shamanism help?

Yes. In shamanism, there is NO spiritual superiority. Animals have spirits that can be helped by shamanism -- often, non-humans have the most dramatic results. And all animal work is done long distance. I specialize in working with four-leggeds and the winged (and love the reptiles, too) animals, and it's a personal mission to stamp out species superiority. 

Also, I have worked on what our culture would call "haunted" houses, for businesses, and for land. Shamanism is almost limitless in its applicability. 

I want to find a shamanic practitioner in my area. How do I find one?

If I know of someone in your area, I will recommend someone. But I am very stringent about referrals, and will only recommend someone I world see myself or someone who a trusted peer recommends. 

I work long distance, and so if you like this site (thank you very much), please contact me.

How can I learn how to practice shamanism?

I teach classes with the goal of serving students. I want them to know how to take the classic shamanic journey, and how to become better members of the One Tribe Only. Right now, I am launching a new body of work called Shamanism and Animals. The first class in the series is Companion Animals 101. Yes, this is animal communication, but goes far beyond that. Write me for more information at info@onetribeonly.com.

Although I recently resigned from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, I do love the FSS, and I teach people how to journey both in person and long-distance. Teaching shamanism has been one of my greatest joys, and I have been teaching this work for 17 years.

Why did you leave the faculty for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies?

Not out of lack of love or appreciation. I adore the FSS, and feel I owe and incalculable debt to Michael and Sandra Harner. My spirits have directed me to work on my own, new curriculum, and focusing on working with clients. Want to learn how to journey one-on-one without leaving your home? I'm your gal. Write me.

what does it cost if I work with you as a client?

The fee is $200 per session. Sessions typically last a total of 2 - 2.5 hours. I have seen over 3,000 clients, and students in the past 20 plus years. This is my full-time profession, which is rare in my field. I work with all animals, and not only humans. 

Can I learn to practice shamanism with you one-on-one?


I can be your private teacher -- no matter where you live!

I do NOT believe in teaching beginners on-line. Learning how to use shamanism as a personal spiritual practice (where everyone begins) is a powerful, initiatory experience.

It's an ideal way to work, and saves you a lot of time and money (traveling to classes including hotels and meals gets is pricey. So even though this is truly an a la carte service? It will cost you LESS than going out of town to a weekend workshop including all expenses. 

Bu that biggest advantage of working this way? You'll not only get all my attention and expertise, you'll build your practice over a period of weeks, integrating new skills over time. I have observed that when students learn this way? The really DO finish with a very well-grounded personal practice.

I do love teaching live (and am happy to hear from sponsors), but weekend workshops do have one major disadvantage. People leave thrilled, and excited, but so much material has been covered in such a short period of time that they find themselves challenged when they try to build their practice at home. I want my students to have sturdy practices in place when they have finished working with me. 

Let's chat, and find out if this way of learning might be perfect for you.

I have a lot of questions. Where do I start?

 I really invite prospective clients and students to contact me. I am unusual in that I am always happy to spend 15 minutes or so with you on the phone for free BEFORE you decide to book an appointment or a class (whether live or long-distance).  I want YOU to feel comfortable and safe BEFORE you spend your time or your money.

Another tip is to read content in the articles section and blog. That will help you get a feel for how I communicate, and, I hope, how honored I am to work with every client and student I serve.