Lily is actually black and white, but not so after a day in the forest romping in water and mud! This is a picture of a happy woman and her dog, yes, but more, it's a picture of love. Of the generosity and joy of it.

Lily is actually black and white, but not so after a day in the forest romping in water and mud! This is a picture of a happy woman and her dog, yes, but more, it's a picture of love. Of the generosity and joy of it.

One Tribe Only Serves Life.


One Tribe Only is not really a business.

One Tribe Only is a calling.

Yes, I do make my mortgage payments through the money I receive from my work, but I do not engage in slick marketing, endless e-mail campaigns, tech-heavy teaching. etc. I want to simplify the ways students can learn with ease and efficacy. As well as reverence, and understanding the critical importance of reciprocity.

I trust, after 25 years, that my students and clients? They find me through word of mouth, my writing or through random searches where they discover my website. While it may sound silly, I know the people who contact me, however they find me, are the people I am supposed to work with. I reach this conclusion empirically. The spirits seem to send me the right people for me to work with, and there is always purpose behind their guidance.

I do not sell things. I promise things. I deliver what I promise. I do NOT EVER claim that you will be cured by the spirits because the spirits provide cures that are right for the person, and not necessarily the cures my clients (or I) envision for them.

Shamanism cured me of an incurable illness, and I respect that cure and their timing in the process.

I work with people who are imperfectly perfect humans, students who serve life, who are very smart, and understand that they can either use their time to save the world or wreck it. Also, they understand hibernation can be good for people who fight the good fight. I work to ease suffering.

I WILL be offering some shamanic classes online in the future BUT NOT FOR BEGINNERS. My own belief is that shamanism is an initiatory practice. Having said that, pretty soon I will be offering one-on-one instruction long distance. This is ethical.

I am 65. I have been doing this for 25 years full time. I have worked with more than 3,000 clients and students. I will not work for you if I am not empowered when we have an appointment; that would be robbery. It happens very occasionally.  I do not work with as many clients as I used to, but want to talk with you if you are curious or are in sure need of my and the spirits' services. 

My clients and students are beloveds. If you think you are an expert and want to work with me? We are not a match; the only experts I know in shamanism are the helping spirits.

I believe in classical core shamanism. I do not mix shamanism with other modalities. When something has worked, and evolved seamlessly for 100,000+ years, you don't muck with it. I respect other modalities tremendously, but I also respect cosmologies. The shamanic cosmology is whole, complete.



- people who need the service of the spirits -- those who are ill, stuck, who feel "different"
- people who love animals (ill companion and wild animals are my clients, too, and can greatly benefit from shamanic work)
- rebels, free-thinkers, skeptics, very smart people, activists, people who do not feel like they belong because they are "sensitive" to nature, life lovers
- creatives who feel empowered and successful, but can't quite figure it out how to advance in a project or explore a new way of working                                                                                                                                                                                                                     - adventurers who are about to begin a strenuous or arduous challenge


One Tribe Only is here educationally for:

- people who are drawn to and/or who practice intelligent shamanism with focus and a desire to really learn
- people who would like to turn the boat around and do something to change the world
- students who are thinking: Hmmm, I do not want to become shamanic practitioner as vocation, but I AM an activist who wants to use shamanism to change the culture. How can I use shamanic work to empower and serve life?
- anyone and everyone who lives in this culture by virtue of birth, and wants to change the culture even if it means life will be less comfortable as necessary changes occur                                                                                                                                                         - people who believe life is more important than money, that species superiority has to be quashed, and understand that people are animals, and, therefore, cannot be maltreated (in any way including gossip, ridicule, etc.)                                                     - shamanic practitioners (defined not by professional designation, but because they journey) who are seasoned, and who are looking for classes other than the usual line-up

One Tribe Only is not for you if:

- you are looking for facile, quick ways to change that require nothing more than abstract information about how to work with shamanism (One Tribe Only is about doing shamanism, not abstracting it)
- you want to work with power animals or spirits as a lark or quick fix  (sometimes, the work does work very, very  quickly, but I cannot guarantee that)                                                                                                                                                                                          - you believe either that "one session is all I will do, no matter what" or if you believe shamanic practitioners have no professional standing, and are doing this powerful spiritual practice only as avocation or as the mood suits (this sounds so odd to state, but you might be surprised by the people who call, and who want services I have honed for more than twenty-years, and believe I should work for free or for near-free. This IS my profession, and my rates are extremely competitive.)

I love my clients. Because I had an 11-year illness cured by shamanism, I understand what it is to feel physically unwell, and I offer compassionate services; I am empathetic and respectful.

If I do not think shamanism can serve you, I will tell you. I like to build life-long relationships with clients. No, that doesn't mean you would have to see me forever (lol), but it means that I have seen some clients on and off for 20 years. And it is not unusual for clients to sometimes become students, and vice versa.

I love beginners. I love seasoned journeyers. I love teaching. I love the practice. This is not sentimental; it's an ethical issue. And while I am currently NOT offering beginner classes, I am developing a one-on-one series of sessions for people who wish to learn this way. This can be done long distance or in person. Inquire for details.

Thanks for visiting. 


About Lora Jansson

My name is Lora Jansson. The dog pictured above is Lily, my bearded collie soul sister. I have a deep and abiding love of all animals.

I have been a shamanic practitioner for 25 years, and a shamanic teacher for 17. I joined the faculty for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS)  as Guest Faculty in November, 2011. After teaching there until 2014, I resigned my position to focus on teaching work given to me by my helping spirits, and I trust this is seminal work that the planet needs now. Curriculum development and new beta classes are underway now.

I welcome all inquiries. Write me at


My very, very short Story

I did not come to shamanism because I was seeking a new spiritual practice or because I was curious. I came on my knees after 11 years of trying to cure my debilitating illness. From the sudden onset of my disease (CFS)  in 1986, I had a certainty that if I could learn the wisdom of the illness, I could be cured.

Shamanism did cure me -- in four hours. Or in 11 years and 4 hours -- depending upon how you look at it. If you are interested in learning more about how shamanism cured me, you can read more about this, and about shamanism in the article A Practical Guide to Shamanism.


I began my shamanic training with Lakota Sioux practices (my first three years of working shamanically). After that apprenticeship, my shamanic mentors told me, you have to work with Michael Harner.

So I began training with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS) -- and have never looked back. I am a graduate of their weekend classes, the Two-Week Intensive, and the Three-Year Program in Advanced Shamanism.  I have been privileged to work with some of the best shamans in the world -- all FSS faculty. I have attended post-graduate three-year trainings as well. I also worked with Sandra Ingerman extensively.

It's been unnecessary to take any classes with anyone but my helping spirits for over a decade years. They, I assure you, keep my ramping up my education so I can best serve clients and students.

So there is no question that my compassionate helping spirits have been -- and always will be -- my most revered and beloved teachers. My life and soul have been shaped by their love and compassion, and what I know of reciprocity and union I have learned from them. 

Other trainings I have had, which influence my work are:

  • SOPHIA training -- School of Philosophy and Healing in Action through the Traditional Acupuncture Institute, a one-year training
  • Aromatherapy training -- Purdue University, John Steel, Valerie Cookley, Micheal Shcoles, Pacific Insitute of Aromatherapy -- as a shamanic practitioner, sometime aromatic potions are sometimes prescribed by the spirits  as curative work in shamanism. Shamanically, I work with the power of the spirits of the oils and aromatics.
  • Taoist studies -- four years 

I have explored many more complimentary modalities, and sometimes do suggest other practitioners that I believe might be helpful to clients. There is one sensational healer on the Island I will sometime refer to for clients who need her work.

But I am a purist when it comes to shamanism, and so I do not combine other practices with shamanic work. Whether you want to learn how to practice shamanism or if you need shamanic help because of a creative problem or an illness, I am here to serve, and it's an honor to do so.



I have been working for more than 20 years as a full-time shamanic practitioner, and so I have been privileged to work with thousands of clients. 

In addition, I have worked shamanically to serve sole proprietors and small businesses, homes and land. I am an experienced ceremonialist. Because shamanic work is so vast and comprehensive, there are endless ways to use shamanism to reduce or eliminate your suffering, and to restore your innate power. Or to celebrate passages or accomplishments. 

I do not believe in species superiority, and so I will work with your dog, cat or horse (or any other companion animal) with as much passion and dedication as I possess. This is considered a specialty for me as my spirits have offered unique teaching on how to do this. It is NOT animal communication as usual.

My own extensive shamanic research is underway to develop other new curriculum to offer students is underway in the class. This work -- Shamanism and Animals: Companion Animals 101 -- has concluded the beta stage, and it will be offered online this summer through Ruzuku.

In this class, FSS Way of the Shaman graduates OR people who have trained directly with me on basic shamanic journeying skills will be eligible. I am not dishonoring other teachers or systems; I work as a strict core shamanic practitioner, and have found that working with others not trained in core shamanic methodology can have difficulties with advanced work.


I work in the name of love and compassion for the greatest good of all. I believe that by serving the spirits, I serve you, and by serving you, I serve the spirits. Reciprocity and love, respect and devotion form the foundation of my work.

I do NOT believe in working by the clock. The spirits dictate the work that needs to be done -- not me. Sometimes the shamanic work take 30 minutes, sometimes 3 hours. The "typical" appointment (and there is nothing typical about any session) averages at two hours.

More than one appointment is often needed if I you have a chronic or serious illness or if suggested by the spirits; I know it sounds silly, but some people who would be willing to see another complimentary medicine professional like a chirorpractor, acupuncturist, etc. somehow conclude that THIS work "should" only take one session. Sometimes, it takes several.

The work is powerful. The spirits understand the pace at which you can best integrate the work.

Personal Stuff

I am very lucky to live on the magical Bainbridge Island, WA, with my husband Don (all the paintings on this site are his), and our bearded collie Lily.  My work and life are not separate.

After 25 years, I do not simply practice shamanism -- I live shamanically.

Shamanism informs everything that I do, and the way I live. Waking with a bow to Bear, walking in nature, cuddling or playing with Lily are not just activities, but glorious and playful communion. Living shamanically is always the foundation for all my writing.

Lily and I both love sheep herding. And we wish we had a lot more time to do it!

Creative non-fiction writing (check out the blog) is a joy as is writing poetry and fairy tales. Other interests (like swimming with wild dolphins) are many, and I indulge in them as much as I can. Which is not nearly often enough!