Soul Care: Shamanism for Survival Weekend Workshop


            You, along with almost everybody I know, are feeling the effects of what I describe as soul shock. The culture has been shaken to its core, and the shock waves keeping coming. We need a way to learn to live with greater serenity. And it is possible.


            The feeling that your emotions are being whipped around almost all the time. Fear, anger, hopelessness, determination, grief, love, profound uncertainty, empowerment and more. Within any given hour, all of these emotions are rising and clashing. And time itself feels different. It can be exhausting.

Wolves sing to find their pack, and merge with nature.

Wolves sing to find their pack, and merge with nature.

             And regardless of the self-care we have been practicing or trying to practice daily, our souls have been silent and reeling because we do not know how to empower them with a voice. Your soul needs to be able to sound. And receive active support from your unique helping spirits.

             While we give voice to our emotions and thoughts, we are not trained in the culture to give voice to our souls. I do not mean this metaphorically. I mean literally to give voice to what your soul is feeling. A strangled soul does not lead to healthy bodies, minds or a more fluid emotional life.

             It doesn't have to be this way. You can be more grounded, more relaxed and more joyous when you use shamanism as a spiritual practice.


What You Will Learn


         In addition to shamanic soul sounding, you will be learning the spiritual practice that differentiates shamanism from all others -- the “shamanic journey.”

          Shamanism has been described as the "practice of ecstasy" because of the beauty you can experience during the journeys.

         When you journey, you use intention and core shamanic methodology to alter your consciousness from “ordinary reality” (this is the reality we live in throughout our lives as humans on this earth), and “nonordinary reality.”

         Once your consciousness has been safely altered through classic, time-tested core shamanic methodology, you can then enter into the worlds of nonordinary reality.

         Your helping spirits are made of love and compassion. They have incredible power. They are omniscient.

           By working with them in their reality, which is as real as our own, you can ask very practical and also very large philosophical questions about how to live your life with balance and integrity.

            By partnering with your helping spirits, you essentially form your own Council of Elders to whom you can turn for unlimited support and clarity. They are available to you 24/7.

             You will learn how to work in the nonordinary world, and practice the methodology needed to actively commune with your unique spirits.

            Also, you will learn how to form questions, and ask questions directly to your spirits. Shamanic divination is both a skill and an art. In order to get really useful information and help, you need to learn how to phrase the right question to get answers you can really use.

             No matter how strong your will, no one who does not have a very sturdy soul practice is going to be able to resist, live a whole life, and stay empowered for the next four years. Your will power is fed through tending your soul. And your helping spirits will serve you so that you can understand what you can do, and when you can do it. And when you need to receive active healing from your spirits.

              The work does not end there. This is the beginning of an exploration into a life-long spiritual practice which can offer, in addition to love, compassion and counsel, different places where you can go in nonordinary reality to rest when you are weary. Places where you can go to heal when you feel the crush and or rush of ordinary reality. Spirits who will share power and health with you.


Every Student Will Receive A Power Animal Retrieval BEFORE the Workshop

Painting by Jackie Morris

Painting by Jackie Morris

            Prior to the class, you will receive a Power Animal Retrieval from me.

            I know that as I have faced the chaos and dangers now facing us all, my Power Animals and other Helping Spirits have proved to be ballast in my body and spirit. Soul strength is critical now.

            In my years of teaching and as a practitioner, I have taught and served over 3,000 students and clients. I have never before seen or heard of any beginner’s class that started with the gifting of a Power Animal Retrieval to every student.

            I am including this in this new workshop because I want you to enter the class with shamanic power. The retrieval of a power animal raises power. This way, as a beginner, you start with an advantage.


Why This Class is for You.

            YOU have an unqiue set of gifts, and those gifts are needed. This is not an airy, woo-woo statement. This is what I have seen empirically as I have done this work for the past 25 years.

            Your spirits can help you attend and develop those gifts even as they help you become stronger, more focused, and give your soul a solid place where it can stand as well as rest.


When and Where and How Much

A view of Tahoma from our Island

A view of Tahoma from our Island

            The class will be held on Bainbridge Island, about 10 minutes from the ferry from Seattle. Exact address will be given once you have registered.

             We will meet from 10:30 a.m. – 5:30 pm on Saturday, February 25, and Sunday, February 26.

             The cost of the workshop is $350.

In addition to the workshop itself, this price includes:

·      the phone meeting I will have with you at least 10 days prior to the workshop

·      the Power Animal Retrieval I do for you in my shamanic studio (this work is done long distance, and is equally effective as in-person work)

·      a follow-up conversation after my work has concluded to both reveal who your new Power Animal is, and to give you instructions on what to do PRIOR to the workshop to enhance and develop your new relationship.

               All of this combined can change the way you can dive into the work. You’ll have a different degree of power when you walk into class on the first day than in any other workshop I have ever taught.

              By intention, this class is extremely small. Only four people can attend. This is to accommodate every student’s personal questions, challenges and concerns about how to live with some degree or harmony, fluidity and grace today.

             There is only one thing additional thing you need to buy for this workshop. You either must have an MP3 download or a CD of shamanic drumming from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Every student needs a copy of #1: Single and Double Drumming. Find out more here:


There are only two spaces left. 


            Fill out the form below to register. Once I have received your registration form, I will contact you about where to send your $200 nonrefundable deposit, and to schedule your Power Animal Retrieval.

            This class is the best way I know to link up to your personal power as well as the limitless power of your helping spirits. It may be the ballast you need to ride the seas of uncertainty now.

            If you have questions, please write me as soon as possible at If there is more demand than I can fill for this first class, another session may be scheduled in March.


After the Workshop


         If class members wish to meet monthly or even bi-monthly after the class, I will open the shamanic space for us to meet and continue to learn. These follow ups will be held by donation, and agenda will be determined by the spirits as well as your input about what you need to know.


Soul Shock Workshop registration.

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