Beloved in California Redwoods

Beloved in California Redwoods

So often, it feels as if we have lost our way.

 We're modernist nomads without any notion of where to go. 

We're not taught sustainable spiritual practices to create rooted, inspired or practical relationships with our souls or our greater communities. If we ever understood the language of the trees, the bear, the earth, we have forgotten. 

Wisdom is timeless and transcendent knowledge, and can become the foundation for living a healthy and fulfilling life right now.

Ancient and cutting-edge wisdom insists that we are one tribe only.

Not nations and religions and animals and plants. Not stars and moon and sea. Not different colored skins and different races and species. We are all sublimely woven into life, and just as the trees breathe us, we can only be whole when we live in union and harmony, and not as a species superior, fractionalized and isolated. 

Shamanism is the language of the whole  -- a way of understanding and moving in deep rhythm with all our relations. Shamanism helps us come home to who we really are and who we are meant to be -- one tribe only.  When we live this way,  we're living sustainable lives in accord with our passions and creativity. Core shamanism allows us to do more than practice; it beckons us to live shamanically.  As a practical cross-culturual spiritual modality, it is imbued with integrity, honor and respect. 

There is one reason -- and one reason only -- that shamanism has survived and continues to flourish after 100,000 years. It works.

I offer you real services and information to address your needs and your curiosity to know more about core shamanism. I sincerely hope shamanism offers you what it has offered me and hundreds of thousands of people in our contemporary culture -- a new way to live in accordance with your best visions, your heart and soul's calling.  To choose to live in accord with wisdom and in confluence is to live in your power. 

I hope this site serves as a place to rest, and a place to inspire you to integrate core shamanism into your life as good medicine.  

Explore. See what resonates. And, please, feel free to contact me. I would love to meet you.