FAQ about Bainbridge just for you... 

Q: Why the heck would I want to take a ferry to a little Island in the middle of Puget Sound in the winter?

A: Because Bainbridge Island is magical and beautiful every day of the year. It's beautiful in summer, and it's beautiful in the rain. The air is scented with sea, loam and cedar. It's magical here, and almost everyone who comes here feels that. It's COOL to take the ferry. It's cheaper to stay on the Island than in the city. You're lucky if you can take this workshop while being in a place known for its natural beauty. EVERYONE loves Bainbridge. 

Q: Where can I stay? 

A: Here are a few places to check out. The first is the Island Country Inn, and the second is  Best Western. The Island Country is is less expensive. They are within three minutes of each other, and both a five or six minutes from the venue.  These places are about five or six minutes 

I suggest you visit the lodging page at the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce for more places. If this link doesn't work for any unfathomable reason, please google the name and it will pop up.

A tip: if you can, arrive Friday and leave Sunday after the workshop. We work HARD, and you'll be very happy you did. I know -- if you live on the Seattle side, it SEEMS very doable. And it is, really, with patience for the travel time on the ferries.

BUT if you are driving on, it'll cost you $70 for the commute ($35 each day).

Walking on may seem pretty weird if you are staying here, but out taxi services are good. And because the distances are close, not expensive. So it's an option.

Treat yourself. Surrender to nature. Soak in the experience and rest when you are not working. Honestly, you'll be happy you did.  

AND don't deny yourself the experience if you can't afford to stay. NEVER done that, but I HAVE spent a lot of time driving to and from workshops, and it has been worth it for me.  

Just decide what's best for you, preplan, and then relax. 

Q: Do the ferries run all the time in winter? 

A: Yes. Day and night. Many Islanders commute into Seattle, and Bainbridge Island is known as a destination resort. You can visit this link from our chamber -- Getting Here

And here's the skinny on the ferries. 

When you come from Seattle by car, you'll want to arrive at the terminal at LEAST one hour early to be CERTAIN you get on. You never know how long you'll wait. And this is a workshop where it's very important to be punctual if you are intending on commuting Saturday and Sunday.

So, yes, you will wait at the terminal LONGER than you'll be ON the ferry. Which is a gorgeous 35-minute journey across Puget Sound. Actually, I never mind waiting for the ferry (OK, sometimes I do when it's been a long day, BUT getting on the ferry is always a pleasure for me). You read a book. You doze. Or, if you're me, you write on your iPad. I've written some of my best blogs while waiting for the ferry. And, yes, there are places to get some food or coffee while you wait.

On average, it costs $35 round trip -- one person, one car. Come with a friend, and save gas AND expenses.  

You are carless or choose to walk on because you bow to the environment? You save money and time. $7.85 to Bainbridge and FREE return. No, the commuter buses don't run on weekends (remember, small Island -- we're working on it). But, as I said above, there are taxi drivers at the ferry terminal OR you can arrive and call Bainbridge Island Taxi (never seen NO taxis there, but it COULD happen) and let them know you want to be picked up.

It would cost about (I am guessing pessimistically here) $10 (not including your generous tip to the driver) to get to our venue. Odds are, once there, you'll be able to snag rides around the Island or, yes, you can always call the taxi again.

Q: Can I bring my own lunches? Or will there be time to go out to eat? 

A: Yes and yes. No fridge, but feel free to bring a cooler.  Remember, small Island so it doesn't take long to get anywhere, and there are MANY good places to go. You'll have enough time. I promise. Students who don't bring their lunches usually band together and carpool to lunch places.

Q: But, but, but what's the ADDRESS AND NAME of the venue? 

A: Patience, dear one. I NEVER give the address to people before they register (although I will answer any and all questions you may have). Why? Because you MUST preregister for this. And registration is closed whenever the workshop fills.

It's awful to turn people away at the door (been there, done that). When you're in, you're in and you get LOTS of information about three weeks before our time together. No worries. I do everything I can to be sure you are ready in PLENTY of time. 

Q: What is there is an emergency and I can't make it at the last minute? 

A: I REALLY empathize. Been there and done that, too. So here is the policy. 

You register by going to PayPal. There are NO refunds. Why? Because I work hard at offering a really good early registration price. And there really are only a limited number of folks I can take. And I want you to be COMMITTED before you register. 

But if something happens, and you just can't make it, you can attend ANY of my other Way of the Shaman workshops within the calendar year. No transfer fee when you schedule your next one. Only exception? No Show. And that has happened ONCE in the 13 years I have been teaching. You can only use the transfer once.

Q: I have other questions you haven't answered. What do I do? 

A: Go to the Contact page and write me. Give me a couple of days (on the outside) and you'll get a cheery answer.

Q: Um, how will I know if it's full? 

A: I am writing this on January 31. Eighteen people have already registered for this workshop. I honestly NEVER know how fast a workshop will fill. Right now, I think "full" will mean 24, but that could change. I do ask the spirits about this. It cold be closed in two days or two weeks.

Q: But I still have a question. What do I do?

A: Write me. Give me a day or so to get back to you, and I'll do all I can to serve.